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All mounts are Yoshi!
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Sounds are also replaced for all mount's jumps, attacks (except axolotl because it was already fitting imo), and turkey gobbles.

Warning: You may become more attached to your turkeys, and you may be lulled into a false sense of security around the harmless-looking red/blue yoshi.

Shoutout to the SMW Mario mod as well as the Retrofied mod. I am using them in some of the screenshots.

2023-05-15: Fixed double jump sound
2023-05-19: Essentially remade all images. New version uses larger pixels that fit in better with mario/retro mods. Old version is still in the textures folder if wanted (just rename mounts_old.png to mounts.png).
2023-05-28: Fix on the sprites where Yoshi is facing away; they were a little misaligned.
2023-05-29: Added journal images and changed in-game text references to turkeys and such.
2023-06-05: Many small fixes. Made yoshi a tiny-bit smaller and transferred to separate entity sheets, so if you want to disable yoshi for some creatures, now you can -- just delete the corresponding sheet from the data/textures/entities/mounts folder. Also added script for the "mount" sound when you jump on a yoshi.
2023-06-09: Changed fireball shape to the smw one.


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