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Ride the UFO, shoot some lasers, don't get ejected by baddies and traps!
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Ride the UFO, shoot some lasers, don't get ejected by baddies and traps!

-Press Enter to spawn a UFO off to your left, or you could hope one spawns in a shop.
-The UFO can be picked up and dropped (mounted/dismounted) like any other Item
-Press Attack to shoot lasers from the UFO

My goal was to create an Item that fit into the existing balance of Spelunky, so I used the Jetpack as a baseline of something that is Very Good, but not Too Good. The UFO is better than the Jetpack, but it does have drawbacks and certain risks. Let me know what you think!

Here are some issues that I already know about:

  1. Being ejected from (or dropping) the UFO causes the player to move very fast horizontally in the air.

This partially has to do with the fact that when the player's state is IN_AIR, friction is very low, but similar reactions are not seen when dismounting a Ladder. Why is that important? The UFO puts the player in a specific state (RIDING_UFO) and I had hoped I could imitate the code that already exists for transitioning the player from a CLIMBING state to a JUMPING state when they dismount a ladder, but so far no luck. Any suggestions are welcome.

  1. The code that puts UFOs in shops is incomplete. If one day I do finish a couple more vehicles (I have some in mind, like a Tank or Jeep), a Vehicle Shop would be a nice-to-have.

Thanks to all the people who worked on Spelunky 1.2 (now called The Spelunky Community Update Project?), since I used that build as my base.


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