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The Smiling Critters make their way into the caves. Protect these colorful critters from danger as they're too innocent to know about the dangers of the caves.
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Do you like the Smiling Critters? Do you like how cute they are? Then this mod is for you!

Three of the Smiling Critters, DogDay, CatNap, and Hoppy Hopscotch, went onto the Moon to explore the caves. They are too innocent to know about the dangers of the caves, so you're going to have to rescue them and keep them away from danger!

This mod replaces the pets (Monty, Percy, Poochi) with three of the Smiling Critters. (DogDay, CatNap, and Hoppy Hopscotch.)

If you wanna replace only one or two of the pets with the Smiling Critters, here's their downloads here uploaded separately:
DogDay Over Monty:
CatNap Over Percy:
Hoppy Hopscotch Over Poochi:

"What's the difference between downloading this bundle and downloading all three of the separately uploaded Smiling Critter skin mods?"
- This bundle mod replaces the text "Pet Style" with "Critter Style".
- This bundle mod replaces the text "Set which pet appears in each level." with "Set which critter appears in each level.".
- This bundle mod replaces the text "Pets Shop" with "Pets and Critters Shop".
- This bundle mod replaces the text "I liked pets." with "I liked critters.".
- This bundle mod replaces the text "I loved pets." with "I loved critters.".
- Replaced the "Critter Style" (Previously "Pet Style".) icons for the critters with the characters' pendants.
- You don't have to go to three separate mod pages and click "Download Mod"/"Install Mod" three times.

Basically, if you download this bundle, you get a lot of text changes, and a little visual change in the options. If you download the skins separately, you won't get these changes.

Smiling Critters is from Poppy Playtime.
Poppy Playtime is owned by Mob Entertainment.


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2 weeks, 2 days ago

@Aubrey Nope, sorry...

2 weeks, 5 days ago

hello! me and a friend were wondering if you had any plans to make these playable characters at some point?

1 month, 1 week ago

ah hell nah
this isnt the shitpost i asked for