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A pack with four levels about the queen bee and her slaves.
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Frozlunky Level
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4 years, 4 months ago
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4 years, 4 months ago
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A pack with four levels about the queen bee and her slaves.
The pack specialises in intricate levels with multiple hidden sections.
Discover the secrets behind royal jelly!

Around 20-35 mins playtime.


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685 the-hive-1.0.1.xml 4 years, 4 months ago

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4 months, 4 weeks ago

The bee is a very interesting enemy, beecause its movement is unpredictable and jittery. Making it work is hard to do, beecause you'll never bee able to know what it'll do next. This pack, though, seems to make no attempt to work with it. For starters, a lot of the places you fight the bees are narrow tunnels, where you have to either rush forward or wait for the bee to come down. Even more open areas have this problem beecause the bees like to float upwards, meaning they still get stuck. It's even harder to hit them in these half-open, half-linear areas.
Speaking of linear, this pack has issues with the weird exploration. The areas are confusing with lack of direction, and the areas all lead to dead-ends unless you consider the "story" that seems to go nowhere. Plus, everything is easily cheesed with the mattock. Did you know that bee tiles aren't indestructible? Neither are the random, overlooked regular tiles that are required to find in the last level. Speaking of the mattock, you have to take this with you a lot, when it's about the worst weapon to use against the bees.
If you want to try and use bees again, maybee:
Use the web gun or ropes. These are good weapons against bees, beecause the web gun stops the bee's jitteriness and the ropes go against their flying.
Fight flying with flying. Let the player use capes or jetpacks, beecause it could make for cool areal battles.
Open up the playing space a little, letting the player interact with bees the way they're supposed to. This is the one you're pretty close to, with some open, but cluttered areas.