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A mod for creating tool-assisted speedruns of Spelunky 2.
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TAS Wizard is a mod for creating tool-assisted speedruns of Spelunky 2.

TAS Wizard is meant to be used in combination with Overlunky. You will need a reasonable understanding of how to install and use Overlunky. Many of the tools needed to create a good TAS are part of Overlunky itself, such as frame advancing and camera hacks. TAS Wizard provides the ability to record and play back TASes, and offers supplementary features that are not already available in Overlunky.

Be warned, this is not a simple mod to use. It is a complicated tool with a lot of features.


Documentation for TAS Wizard is maintained on the TAS Wizard readme on Github. This includes installation steps, terminology, known issues, and more. The documentation is still a work-in-progress, but should cover most basic information about the mod.

I Need Your Feedback

TAS Wizard is a brand new mod. Up until the release, I was the only person who had ever used it. It's a very complicated mod, and although I've tried my best to make it robust and usable, I doubt that I got everything right on the first try. I need your help with testing it. I want to know about any bugs or other issues you encounter while using TAS Wizard. If I don't know that an issue exists, then I can't fix it.

Before submitting an issue, check the Known Issues and Limitations on Github to see whether I already know about a particular issue. Please submit your issues and feedback in the #tas-wizard channel on my Discord server. If you know how to submit issues on the Github project, then that is also acceptable, but is not required. Please do not privately message me about TAS Wizard issues, as this prevents other people from seeing whether a problem has already been reported or is being discussed. The following are examples of things I would like to know about:

  • Errors or bugs. Please provide thorough steps on how the reproduce the issue.
  • Desync issues. If you have a TAS file that does not play back consistently despite always using the same settings, then I want to look into it.
  • Usability issues. If a feature seems particularly confusing or difficult to use, then I want to know about it. Let me know what problems you have with the feature and what would make it easier to use. Just keep in mind that TAS Wizard is a complicated mod by design. I'm not going to simplify things if it requires giving up functionality that might be useful to somebody, and I do not want to develop and maintain a "simple mode" alongside the full feature set.
  • Information in the Github readme that seems to be incorrect.
  • Issues with a display refresh rate greater than 60Hz. I do not own a display that can run faster than 60Hz, so I have not been able to test this at all.
  • Issues with a widescreen display. I do not own a widescreen display and have only been able to do testing on a 16:9 display.


Q: Why is my run desyncing when I didn't change anything?
A: Check whether you have OL godmode active, or had it active while recording and then turned it off.

Q: Why is my run timer inconsistent?
A: The run timer increases while the pause menu is open, even during playback, and tabbing out automatically opens the pause menu.

Q: Is this really all of the Q&A?
A: This mod just released and its documentation is still a work-in-progress. I'll be improving the documentation over time, possibly including a more thorough Q&A section.

Q: On the Itchy & Scratchy CD-ROM, is there a way to get out of the dungeon without using the Wizard Key?
A: What the hell are you talking about?


1.0.0 (2023-10-31)

  • Initial release.

Special Thanks

The TAS Tool example script in Overlunky: For being my inspiration to start working on this mod.
The script API team: For providing such a powerful modding API and adding various things I needed for this mod.
My Twitch followers: For putting up with me teasing this mod for 8 months before finally releasing it.


My Twitch channel:
My Discord server:


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1 month, 1 week ago

That's a useful tip. I wasn't certain if the widescreen black bars were actually eligible for GUI elements since I don't have a widescreen to test that myself. Regardless, fixing the GUI clutter is a very high priority for me.

1 month, 1 week ago

A problem very obvious from the release stream is all the tool windows covering the game, but if you actually have the screen real estate (and don't need to show the windows for streaming), fear not!

Overlunky windows can be moved to the black bars on ultrawide fullscreen, or outside the game window on windowed mode. You should really run the game with the "-oldflip" command line switch if using this feature though, as imgui platform windows can't use the new flipping mode for some reason and will cause janky vsync issues.

1 month, 1 week ago