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Every enemy and trap has a double chance to spawn. Simple as that.
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10 months, 2 weeks ago
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This is not a mod to make the game impossible or absurdly challenging. Beating is still completely doable and you are just going to find a little more annoying sometimes.

...until you get stunned by something and environment damages you even more.

All levels from Dwellings to Cosmic Ocean have double of the chance of spawning something that could damage or kill you. No, this mod won't spawn Witch doctors on 2-1 and Necromancers are still rarer on 4-1. Nothing new, just with modified chances.

Compatible with Multiplayer, as long your friends are having this mod enabled.

Also remember: Spelunky 4 is never going to happen.

UPDATE 1.1 (Sep 2nd 2023):
-Fire frogs now spawn on Sunken City levels (rule was deleted for some reason).
-Slightly increased Sunken City's trap/enemies chances. It's the only world with more than double of the chances. This was done because SC levels were "too easy" even with double rates (probably because they are bigger than other levels).

UPDATE 1.2 (Same day):
-Bee hives and voice echoes are keeping temple textures alone now. Thanks, Dregu!

UPDATE 1.3 (Sep 9th 2023):
-Mod was completely overhaul and modified using notepad only to avoid weird map gen. This should be the final version if everything was done right.


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10 months, 2 weeks ago

spelunky 2x2 = spelunky 4 😱