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Globally changes world generation in adventure mode by reworking each area and making them much more difficult (not just by making tons of enemies and traps)
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Latest Update:
-Reworked 2 new areas: Volcano and Olmec Area.
-Fixed spikes on 1-4.
-more secrets improved.

Spelunky 2 started to seem too boring and easy for you? Then this mod is for you! It completely reworks every area in the game to give you concentrated Spelunky 2 experience in every level.
The set of enemies and the level layout are almost completely changed in each area to be much more difficult, as well as the aesthetic part is slightly changed. (Well... actually as the name of the mod says it's not finished yet, so actually only 4 areas are reworked at the moment. But in the future I plan to rework all areas.)

All currently reworked areas:
- Dwelling. Now this place is overrun with crocodiles, witch doctors, big flies and bees. Also, better watch your step, because sometimes you can find lava here. Under the pressure of the new inhabitants of this place, many creatures had to move to the jungle.
- Jungle. It is almost completely colonized by cavemen and their houses are all over the place, and in almost every one of them you can find a miniboss and loot. Be careful not to fall under the quills of the quillbacks that often travel here.
-Volcano. Now it's overflowing with vampires, mantraps and ammits. You can also find small vampire buildings and find crates in them.
-Olmec Area. In addition to Olmec itself, quillbacks and tons of moles now live here. But on the other hand, the loot has also become much better.

To increase your chances of surviving in the harsh world of this mod, various minor simplifications are provided for you:
-Crates have become slightly less rare
-Improved loot in secrets and closed rooms
-All regular kali altars generate with six dice that you can use to get special prizes on the altar
-chance to get a spawn with a small altar and four dice
-at the beginning of each level you get a clover

This mod is in some way a reimagining of my old Chaotic Adventure mod.


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