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Upgrade Spelunky Classic from 30 FPS into smooth 60 FPS (and widescreen!)
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Classic Mod
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By interpolating the positions of all drawn sprites, alongside some GameMaker trickery, Spelunky Classic can run at any framerate we like!
It's essentially the same method that was implemented in Spelunky 2.

This mod has 3 main features (Which can all be enabled/disabled in config.exe)
• Custom framerate (60 FPS default, can be changed)
• Widescreen support (16:9 aspect ratio)
• HUD timer displaying level/total time

Pressing F1 enables the developer HUD, where you can:
TAB - Toggle slow-motion
CTRL - Disable interpolation
and see variables n' stuff also

From my testing, the mod runs identically to regular Spelunky.
But regardless, don't try submitting speedruns or anything using this mod.


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