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Spelunky Breakdown is my idea of what Frantic Spelunky could have been... Instead of having effects like screen shake and falling debris that are harmless and without consequence, the cave is actually collapsing around you. Forced speedrun.
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Spelunky Breakdown is my idea of what Frantic Spelunky could have been... Instead of having effects like screen shake and falling debris that are harmless and without consequence, the cave is actually collapsing around you. Forced speedrun.

  • Based on Spelunky 1.2 source. If you've already been playing Spelunky 1.2, place Spelunky Breakdown in that folder, and it will import your scores. Otherwise it will import your scores from the windows registry. I'll provide a link to a score file that unlocks all the shortcuts if wanted.
  • I've tried to keep the amount of random screen shake low enough so that it isn't annoying. You can disable the random shake in the options room.
  • All tan blocks are now pushable and effected by gravity. Watch your head!
  • All shops are closed. Most shopkeepers have cleared out or abandoned their shops and returned to the safety of the surface, but you may find a few that are still packing up. They won't take kindly to looters.
  • You won't be blamed for the destruction of shops and altars caused by the earthquake.
  • Sometimes when a block breaks, a mini-boulder will roll out. It can bowl you over for 1 damage, but you can be crushed if it stops on top of you. It can be pushed around after it stops rolling.
  • Debris falls from the bottom of blocks to indicate they're about to break.
  • After dying, press attack/use for quick restart, or press jump/escape to go to the highscores room.
  • Arrow traps can be triggered by blocks that break in their line of sight.
  • If you take too long, you're gonna have a bad time. The ghost is the least of your worries!
  • I've tried to reduce the chance of unavoidable and unfair deaths happening during the random chaos, but you're going to suffer more 'cheap' deaths than vanilla Spelunky.

Changes in version 3 (April 2013):
- the divine power of the ankh will protect you from falling to your death if you are resurrected far above ground
- fixed player and monkeys floating in air after the vine they are climbing is destroyed
- monkeys that jump back onto vines will climb them properly instead of getting stuck
- fixed push blocks being stuck floating after lava is destroyed
- fixed scrMovableSolidRecurseDrop crash to desktop with stack of 3 or more push blocks sinking in lava
- water/lava will now ignore boulders, push blocks, etc. when it checks if it is contained by solids
- prevented push blocks from being created adjacent to water during level generation
- slightly improved slow framerate issue in jungle levels with 'rushing water' feeling
- updated Magic Signs to 2.2.1
- breakdown event can be started in custom levels using Magic Signs
- prevented frills and position based sprites from being used when placing/removing blocks in level editor
- added some editor features pasted from Editor+ fan update (hold space to pan view, use arrow keys to scroll, press 'G' to toggle grid, improved info editor)

Change in version 2:
- Added options room where you can select from 5 difficulty levels and toggle the random screen shake. Difficulty level effects the speed the cave collapses, how soon random 'bad things' will happen, how horrible those 'bad things' are, the chance of finding damsels, the chance that remaining shopkeepers are armed, and a bit of the behaviour of the final boss.
- Removed '-noshake' command line option.
- Chance of dark levels reduced slightly, chance of wall lamps in dark levels increased
- Solid objects shouldn't crumble while falling/moving/being pushed
- Fixed Lady Xoc statue in city of gold not breaking properly
- Overlapping gold chunks/nuggets on the ground will gradually combine (both physically and their monetary value) to reduce game slowdown in the city of gold
- Restored invincible blocks under exit doors
- Lava pools only spawn in the mines at normal difficulty (3) or higher
- Slightly reduced amount of push blocks generated in mines and temple
- Tremors will cause falling platforms in ice caves to fall instead of just breaking
- Ankh always spawn in the black market instead of occasionally - it will very likely be guarded
- Reduced lifespan of fireballs to prevent too much rolling around
- Pushblocks, boulders, etc. blocking the exit door will crumble after a delay instead of instantly
- Spring traps will now launch mini-boulders into the air
- Pressing escape on game over screen returns to highscores room instead of starting a new game

CUSTOM LEVEL HELP (basic Magic Signs usage required):
- Add the oBreakCustom object to the level with a magic sign. That's it. Ex: "?oBreakCustom"
- Optional: to force a certain difficulty level, set global.difficulty (from 1 to 5). Ex: "?!SET?difficulty!5"
- Optional: to disable hellfire (which can destroy the bottom floor), set global.hellCustom to false. Ex: "?!SET?hellCustom!false"

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