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The Ultimate Spelunker Trials Experience
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Mod Pack
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59 redesigned and rebalanced levels from the Spelunker Trials series. Levels from the older packs have been changed to bring the design quality closer to my current standards. Levels from the newer packs have been reduced in difficulty.

Level Distribution
- 16 Vol. 1 levels
- 6 Vol. 2 levels
- 7 Extras levels
- 15 B-Sides levels
- 13 C-Sides levels
- 2 new levels

Most recent update
Version 1.3
-A particular trick in Effervescence [Vol. 2] can now be retried without resetting
-Modified ending of Assist [New]
-Added torches in Giga Vlad [B-Sides] to help the player consistently detonate a powder keg
-Minor spacing adjustments in Glide [B-Sides] and Gravity [C-Sides]
-Added a place to ledge grab in Hydrated [B-Sides]
-Replaced a push block with a sliding wall in Hellevator [C-Sides]
-Modified a section in Pins & Needles [C-Sides]
-Reduced precision required for sections in Lake of Rage [C-Sides] and Mythical [C-Sides]


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1 month, 2 weeks ago

Another incredible addition to Jawn's portfolio of incredible Spelunky hacks...definitely check this one out!