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Put specific items in the first shop of the run and try really hard to put that in 1-2
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Remember you can adjust playlunky options in the main menu or with Ctrl+F4 if you get lost. You can access ShopMod in any menu by default though.


  • Replace any number of items in the first shop of the run
  • Encourage 1-2 shop by rerolling full winding paths (not very effective, cause shops have a very low priority for some reason)
  • Try to force 1-2 shop by replacing other valid rooms (bumping them to 1-3 if they still want to spawn)
  • Simply insert 1-2 shop right after path generation, before other rooms (100% guaranteed with reroll enabled)
  • Add backrooms to forced shops, if there is still space after other room gen (2/3 chance to try enlarging a shop, statistical large shop occurance ≈ vanilla game [that's 9% in 1-2 if anyone cares])
  • Set present contents
  • Make only legal shops, probably
  • Shuffle items to random position in shop
  • Save item presets, save all options automatically
  • Also works with shortcuts

Weird use cases

  • No items selected, no options selected: Shouldn't do anything.
  • No items selected, forced shop: Should force any 4-item shop with random items. No dice shop.
  • Items selected, no forced shop: Items are spawned in the first shop of the run, wherever it is.
  • No present item selected: Random present.
  • Running shortcuts: Forced shops will be in 2-1, 4-1 or 5-1. Tide Pool bumps Tusk to 4-3. Ice Caves doesn't work 100% but the level gen too weird to care.
  • Running shortcuts without forced shops: Your items will probably be in the first shop if one ever spawns.


  • 1.5b: Fix resetting after ice caves when using ice caves shortcut
  • 1.5a: Should work with shortcuts now, fixed bugs that only happened with shortcuts anyway
  • 1.4a: Tweaked backroom chance to match vanilla game
  • 1.4: Add backrooms to forced shops sometimes
  • 1.3a: Add more position checks for detecting proper shop items from other crap
  • 1.3: Option to simply insert a shop before other rooms
  • 1.2: Option to replace other valid rooms with shops if that didn't work
  • 1.1: Option to reroll pathgen that should force a 1-2 shop, better window management
  • 1.0: I hope it works


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