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A collection of shader mods, most of which don't deserve their own mod page
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Mod Pack
6 days, 13 hours ago
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2 days, 6 hours ago
Spelunky 2


Five shader mods:
grayscale -- makes the game grayscale
missingtextures -- makes some textures appear as the missing texture texture from Valve games. this joke is funny for about 2 minutes and then it gets annoying
mj > moonwalk -- reverses the direction you're facing visually
mj > supermoonwalk -- same as above but also flips you vertically
mj > slide -- from when I was trying to create moonwalk, this happened
mj > vibe -- same as above
moneyheart -- changes tex coordinates so the heart is replaced by the money sign
rheart > whole -- cycles through the colors
rheart > circlein -- cycles through the colors based on distance from the center, goes inwards

The only "good" mods here (I think) are mj and rheart

Use Playlunky to play these mods


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