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This mod for Spelunky Classic adds manual seed entry for world generation. The selected seed will generate the same world every time. This allows you to play the same world repeatedly, or other players can recreate the same world by sharing the seed.
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Random Seed Mode
This is the mode the game will start in the first time you play. The game will use a random seed each time you enter the start or shortcut doors. It’s just like vanilla Spelunky but you are able to see the world seed on the pause screen. Write it down if you want to revisit or share the current world. You can also press CTRL+C while paused to copy the current seed to the clipboard. The previous world seed will still be displayed on the pause screen in the high scores and title rooms after you die in case you missed it. Random seed mode is active when you see a swirling image on computer terminal in the title room.
Custom Seed Mode
Input a custom seed by accessing the computer terminal in the title room by pressing ‘up’ while standing in front of it. The seed can be up to 32 characters long. The following characters (and spaces) are allowed:
After pressing Enter to save your custom seed you’ll see a blinking ‘pause’ symbol on the computer terminal indicating you are in custom seed mode. The seed will continue to be used repeatedly each game until you change it or return to random seed mode by leaving the seed blank. Custom seeds are saved between gameplay sessions (seed.cfg in game folder). While using the computer terminal you can press CTRL+C to copy the currently typed seed and CTRL+V to paste text from the clipboard.
Other Features
A screenshot of the win screen will automatically be saved to the game folder that includes your player name and the world seed. The idea is to make sharing of your score easy with a legit screenshot if you are having some sort of online community challenge with a specific seed.
Currently you can change your player name by pressing the ‘pay’ button on the title screen, or editing it manually (the second line of seed.cfg).
Known Bugs
The results of level generation using the same seed are different in areas beyond level 4, depending on whether the players started from level 1 or used a shortcut door. The physical layout of the level is the same but the enemy and treasure generation is different. It’s recommended to start from level 1 for consistency until the next version is released.

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