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This mod allows you to save and load at any level transition or the main menu! Useful for practice!
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Saveable mod by ANT

January 03, 2012,

My first mod!

This mod Allows you to save And load at any level transition or the main menu!
Press S at a suitable room and name your save to save!
Press L at a suitable room and type in the name of your save to load!


-Copy files in your Spelunky Classic directory and launch the game with the mod by clicking on "Saveable Spelunky.exe"
-Stats from this mod will be in Saveable stats.txt
-The music will stop when you load or save to avoid sound errors,
-Saves will appear in the form of files in the folder the game is, to delete saves simply delete the corresponding file
-You may have an infinite amount of saves
-You can only save and load in transitions between levels and the main menu room to spare your conscience
-In the source, you will find an object called oSave in the "mod" group, this is where the change takes place

Feel free to modify and use this mod as you wish as long as you don't pretend you made it.


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1 year ago

I'm having an issue. When I exit the game then reopen it, the game will freeze two seconds after loading a save and crash.