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Replaces fragile, vulnerable eggplant to unbreakable rock hard rockplant
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Mod Pack
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10 months ago
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9 months, 2 weeks ago
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You need to use Playlunky Nightly

to play this mod without bugs.

v0.1 (WIP)
Replaces fragile, vulnerable eggplant to unbreakable rock hard rockplant. Eggplants are no longer broken from collision. Their color also has been changed to gray.
This mod has some flaws since it is not yet completed. (i.e. eggplant will be broken if you throw the eggplant right in front of wall, eggplants still have breaking sound and visual effect, etc.)
Anyway, please enjoy with your unbreakable eggplant!

(custom_entities.lua is unused file, but here's the link anyway : )

rock is now changed back to eggplant when held by player. (Thanks to fienestar : )


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5 months, 1 week ago

Rockplant guide is on steam, if you wanted more info on how to get it.

10 months ago

i would take a cosmetic mod only crown that made eggplants thrown look like rocks but would still play the same. that would be cool

10 months ago

오!! 검정 가지