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Adds collectable psychic powers to Spelunky Classic
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Classic Mod
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Psi-lunky is a Spelunky Classic mod that grants the Spelunker and friends the power of the mind. Or in other words, magical powers with a more sci-fi flavour. Along with a few extra supporting items, tricky enemies, and an a few extra things.

Psi-lunky uses the mouse to control the "Psionic Cursor". Left-clicking activates a power, the scroll wheel changes the active power, and right-clicking allows you to control which powers are equipped. Powers can also be equipped via the pause menu, which now has a second page for that. You'll (usually) start with one power, so be on the lookout for mystical tablets that will grant you new powers.

A quick overview of what you'll find in Psi-lunky:

  • Twelve magic/psychic powers, each with a special and probably useful function
  • A new kind of level structure containing power-granting tablets
  • An additional shop type, selling some useful items
  • A couple of off-theme items that might be helpful
  • Three new enemies to contend with
  • The most useful item ever
  • An alternate version of each character, each with their own twist
  • Chaos Mode, which "slightly" alters how levels are generated
  • Editor Plus support, allowing you to use Psi-lunky objects in custom levels


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