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Replaces in-game music with pizza tower ost
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Pizza Tower Music
Update 1 = Fixed neo bab music | Fixed Olmec music | Fixed Misnamed yeti cave file
Keep in mind that sunken has no proper intro music file that I could use, so the song goes over sunken ambience meaning it will be tied to sound effects volume. (I hope it's not too loud!)

-Area name == Song name (used in)

-Dwelling A == Unearthly Blues (John Gutter)
-Dwelling B == Put On A Show!! (The Ancient Cheese B)
-Jungle == Wudpecker (Gnome Forest B)
-Volcana == Peppino's Sauce Machine (Peppibot Factory B)
-Olmec's Lair == Pumpin’ Hot Stuff (Boss 3 The Noise)
-Tide Pool == Tubular Trash Zone (Oh Shit!)
-Temple == Oregano Mirage (Oregano Desert)
-Ice Caves == Don't Preheat Your Oven Because If You Do The Song Won't Play (R-R-Freezerator)
-Neo Babylon == Thousand March (WAR)
-Tiamat's Throne == Unexpectancy, Part 2 (Final Boss) {{this is one of my favorites!}}
-Sunken City == Tunnely Shimbers (Don't Make A Sound)
-Hundun == It's Pizza Time! (ESCAPE!)
-Cosmic Ocean == Choosing the Toppings (Bonus Track)
-Vlad's Castle == Tuesdays (Floor 2 Western District)
-City of Gold == Hip to be Italian (Peppino's Final Judgement)
-Duat == Fridays (Floor 5 Staff Only)
-Yeti Cave == Tropical Crust (Crust Cove)
-Mothership == Wednesdays (Floor 3 Vacation Resort)
-Pleasure Palace == Good Eatin' (Golf)
-Eggplant World == Pizza Pie-Ing (Ending Cutscene)
-Shopkeepers :
---SHOP AGGRO == Hard Drive to Munch You (Toppin Monster Alerted)
---Shop A == hmmm look what u done did you found a secret :) (Pizzascape Secret)
---Shop B == A Grain of Bread in a Grain of Sand (Oregano Desert Secret)
---Shop C == An Interstellar Secret (Deep-Dish 9 Secret)
---Shop D == A Frozen Secret (Refrigerator-Refrigerador-Freezerator Secret)
---Shop Rare Song == lario's secret (Pizza tower meme by peepo on YouTube)
---Tun == Funiculi Holiday (Tutorial)
---Waddler == Leaning Dream (Pause Screen)
---Caveman and Yang == Gustavo
---Ghist Curse == A Secret You Don't Want To Find (Don't Make A Sound Secret)
---Tusk's Gambling == A Secret In The Chicken (Fun Farm Secret)
---In the moon challenge == Pizza Deluxe! (Title screen)
---In timed challenges == The Death That I Deservioli (Lap 2)


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1 year ago

A ton of the promised music edits don't work

1 year, 1 month ago

Nice Mod