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Pichu is now in Spelunky 2, but with ALL the bits, not just 8. Replaces ANA (char_yellow).
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Playable Character
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2 months ago
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1 month, 2 weeks ago
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It's pichu alright.

An optional script file has been provided that basically just makes things refer to you as a rat and edits the journal text and such, it includes extreme profanity but nothing that's offensive unfortunately, just played for humor. Still will call you rat and stuff if not using pichu though.

An optional file that changes the ana file to pichu for the daily challenge leaderboard is also provided, just place it in the file with the char_yellow (as it is in the zipped file) one or replace it in the game's files I'm not your mom do what you want.

Unzip the files, change the name to just "Textures", and probably just delete the text file because it's too much effort lmao, The ending file directory should look like "... -> Spelunky 2 -> mods -> packs -> (custom name) -> Data -> Textures -> (The 2 png files).

Updated version that uses "_full" and ".json" to NOT overwrite other peoples mods, how decent! Thanks for the heads up, you know who you are ;)

Just extract the zip file to uhh for some reason it's making an "Entities" file and it really likes the _full files to be in it, so just lunky 2 -> mods -> packs -> (custom name) -> Data -> Textures and make a file named "Entities" so the json file works :) extract the 2 files into that, it should just work.



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1 month, 4 weeks ago

If you indeed made this art yourself it's very good. I put it on char_orange to have the pixel sounds :3