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Adds a simple minimap, works with online multiplayer
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🧰 Requirements

Playlunky Nightly

ℹ Details

Adds a mini map that reveals part of the map as you explore. Has 2 modes: Full map, and Follow player.
Hold the interact button (door enter) to toggle the visibility of the map.
The transparency, position, size, and refresh rate of the map can be adjusted on the settings.
Clicking on the option to move the map, opens a window that allows to move it's position and change the size, you probably want to close it after editing it. Currently the map it ignores the window height.
Don't forget that you can settings it ingame using CTRL+F4

🕹 Online

Not everyone needs to have this mod for it to work (since this mod doesn't affect the game state).


  • 0.8a
    Added setting for enabling/disabling map looping in CO (added preview image to better describe this)
  • 0.8
    Initial release


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1 year, 1 month ago

Oh thank you

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1 year, 1 month ago

This is so cool!