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A Very Long Test Of Skill, Knowledge, And Wit
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Mod Pack
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2 years, 3 months ago
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1 year, 2 months ago
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They have come to test you.

Navigate a series of levels with tough movement and problem-solving.
(The Kaizo elements are more mild than some mods, but the puzzling elements make up for the challenge.)

A very long mod (42 levels) that would not be possible without using a lot of code from Jawn's mods, as well as a bunch of help from the sp2 modding discord.
Special thanks to getimoliver for helping test this, and helping with modded objects.

Things to note:
-The last level of temple sometimes crashes upon entering.
-The first time you get killed in a session without leaving a corpse, there is an error message. Don't worry about it.
-Some custom textures are used, so make sure you have no active texture mods if you want the best experience.
-I have a music mod separate from this, but it improves the experience of this one too.
-Have fun ;)

Patch notes:
v1.1: made many changes to make early levels fairer. Added textures from my other mod to this one.
v1.2: made many mid-late levels more fair (tidepool-neobab)
v1.3: many late levels changed slightly
v1.4: 1-3: 2nd puzzle now required, 2-5: made ending make more sense, 3-2: reconfigured to prevent wrong use of gold keys and prevent softlocks.
v1.5: 3-4 made slightly harder but what to do is more obvious, 3-5: crash upon entering fixed and backlayer made easier, 5-5: removed the infuriating dust on the left side , 6-2: reworked hardest puzzle to be uncheeseable and easier.


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1 year, 6 months ago

Going good so far, but ran into a bug that crashes the game after I beat the level going into Olmec battle. CTD every time I click on next level after beating the powerpack/shield level, when I edit the shortcut to start at Olmec level, it seems like some stuff is not loading correctly. Otherwise really good so far. Enjoying the level of thought you put into it.

1 year, 7 months ago

I downloaded it and it just crashes my game every time I pick my character.

1 year, 7 months ago

@TrollSilver Thanks for the feedback! As for that one caveman in volcana; it is kinda slow, but it should always go down with the platform if the on/off switch was hit. As for the crashes; I tried everything I could think of to prevent them, but it still happened sometimes. I don't know why it crashes when it does. Sorry.

1 year, 8 months ago

amazing so far, except for that one caveman in Volcana, really slow, not to mention if he's sleeping he doesn't pick up the key and it takes even longer, or the fact sometimes he just doesn't go down with the platform, don't know what to do to the crashes aswell.