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Custom kaizo levels with very difficult and interesting challenges
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Kaizo levels in Spelunky 2.

Includes 5 levels with the following themes:
- Dwelling
- Volcana
- Temple
- Ice Caves
- Sunken City

Can you beat them all? Can you collect all of the golden idols?

Version History

Version 2.5:

Fixed crash in Ice Caves

Version 2.4:

Fixed a bug where gold in walls would pop out in new Playlunky versions.

Version 2.3:

Updated to fix some bugs that show up in 1.25.0b

Hard mode is now available without collecting all idols (hardcore is still blocked).

Fixed some missing tiles in the sunken city level.

Made a small modification to the dwelling level.

Version 2.1:

Updated to work in patch 1.23.3!

Modified layout of shortcuts in the base camp to be more linear.

Version 2.0:

Fixed an issue where a certain mount wasn't being killed properly and causing weird glitches.

Changed rendering of certain objects to be more visible and use the correct texture.

Fixed bug where unwanted enemies and mounts would sometimes spawn in the ice caves ice.

Slightly changed the base camp layout of the shortcuts so it is more obvious the correct order of levels.

Added a trap to the temple to reduce distractions.

Modified journal button while in level to show stats instead.

Added a HUD to the telescope that shows the directions it can be moved.

Added a line of dialog to the sunken city.

The script can now be disabled and the game will be played mostly normally. However, while disabled the base camp and some textures will still be modified so it is preferrable to launch the game without the Mod selected instead of disabling it.

Version 1.5:

Added one additional level.

Updated the win UI to look prettier.

Added a Stats UI to the base camp to view PBs and completion stats.

Removed annoying shopkeeper sound when walking past basecamp signs.

Added button prompts to telescopes and basecamp signs.

Version 1.4:

Added additional buttons to escape the telescope.

Added a second telescope in the Temple level, at the top part of the puzzle.

Version 1.3:

Added hardcore mode
- The player resets at the first level on every reset.
- Hardcore mode only available after all idols have been collected in the regular difficulty.

Added easy and hard difficulties
- Both difficulties have a similar layout, but add/remove/rearrange the traps to make some of the puzzles easier or much more difficult.
- Easy mode has mostly easier challenges that can still be tough for some players.
- Hard mode has the difficulty ramped up extremely.
- Hard mode only available after all idols have been collected in the regular difficulty.

Ana Spelunky makes her return, this time without crashing the game.

Version 1.2:

Altered Temple slightly:
- Blocked off some misleading possibilities that cause confusion in parts of the puzzle that aren't supposed to be difficult, and don't help arrive at a solution.
- Blocked off (hopefuly) a way to cheese the final solution.

Sunken City:
- Fixed a couple of crashes.
- Removed a certain character that was causing a crash (hopefully temporary).
- Fixed a wall that was supposed to be too wide to bomb through.

Version 1.1:

Made a couple of changes to the Dwelling and Sunken City:
- moved the Dwelling idol puzzle to post-exit and changed the puzzle, so that you can't use the idol to cheese the arrow traps.
- changed the way the sun challenge is activated to something I think is a bit cooler, and changed the outer rooms around it a bit to fit the new puzzle.


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2 months ago

For those who need a clear vid : guide

2 years, 4 months ago

I can't wait for playlunky 1.11 so I can finally take on that final level

2 years, 5 months ago

The difficulty balance doesn't make sense to me, first level being easy, the second one is beyong frame perf jumps (the imps section is luck based). Third level is just not fun. 4th level is cool, but it's empty, there's nothing serious here. Lastly the last level is probably one of the ost original. But yet again unbalanced. There could be so much more to do here but i personally don't like it that much.

2 years, 5 months ago

I just tried it for the first time. A VERY intense challenge, but that satisfaction when I finally beat the first level was worth it! Still struggling with the second, but so far these seem like a very apt series of skill checks. I'm excited to take on future levels if I can get to them!