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Get ready to save some dogs! In this level pack your job is to rescue all the dogs from the malic...
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Frozlunky Level
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3 years, 8 months ago
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3 years, 6 months ago
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Get ready to save some dogs! In this level pack your job is to rescue all the dogs from the malicious hands of the capitalist shopkeepers! These idiots are ready to turn the delicious dog meat into hot-dogs using an antique Chinese recipe. How come they had hot-dogs back then?Don't ask me,those cheeky Yangs are ridiculous!

Platform,puzzle and RAGE your way thru 16 levels ranging from somewhat difficult to I WANT TO DIE!Venture your way thru the factory,face the urban jungle,grab your jacket in the freezer and end up in the DUNGEON! What will await you?Find out in the next episode of dragonball Z.

IMPORTANT RULE:Use the dog damsel. No BITCHES', just bitches.

I was going to do 20 levels, but it just felt too bloated and couldn't come up with good hell levels. I might add them in a later update.

Also my account Razvan Prinny got deleted for security measures, so I'm using my new account.

BUG FIX: IDK why the worm tongue just doesnt spawn in 1-3 so i solved it.

MAJOR UPDATE! I scrapped and reworked portions of many levels, to make them more fair and enjoyable. Also MUCH LOVE TO ISRAEL BLARGH <3
BIG PATCH 2 More levels got some changes, Olmec level completely reworked.


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4 months, 4 weeks ago

Here's another update. Most probably the last one because this editor is frustrating simply because spelunky isn't made for this kind of stuff.

4 months, 4 weeks ago

Alright! There definitely seem to be improvements here, but a lot of levels are still really annoying. I'll go over the thing that made me skip every level:

1-1: Getting softlocked when I realized that I needed the mattock and that I'd have to juggle it with the damsel.

1-2: Seeing that I'd have to damage a shopkeeper for his shotgun in a tiny space.

1-3: Making it all the way to the part with the 20,000 tiki traps and still dying to the first part because that jump is, like, frame-perfect or something.

1-4: Seeing that I'd have to do some kind of stupid scepter jump to progress.

2-1: Softlocking myself while trying to juggle the damsel with the shotgun. The whole mandatory damsel thing is done really badly in so many places, which is sad, because it's basically the focus of this pack.

2-2: Didn't actually skip it! The shortcut was a nice touch.

2-3: Being repeatedly killed by cobras stunning me and being crushed before I regained my senses.

2-4: Getting annoyed by the fundamentally identical combat and deciding not to continue because it was obvious how the rest of the level would play out.

3-1: Getting to the digging section and knowing I'd spend an eternity doing it. What's sad is that this level was pretty good up to this point.

3-2: My boy Verticality! Nothing skippable about it.

3-3: Knowing that I wasn't of the skill to get past the cobweb section. There's nothing really bad about this level besides the minor annoyance of the two necessary yeti throws, each one bad for their own reason. The first is annoying because of the waiting, but not for the second one because it's not good to start a level with waiting. The second one has a high chance of sending the yeti into the abyss.

3-4: Not being able to get past the first part of the level because how the Hell are you supposed to?

4-1: Not getting past the first drop because nothing in this pack is intuitive and there are no help messages.

4-2: Getting all the way to the end and being one rope shy because of how hard it is to get them in the dimly-lit gulag. This level was this close to not being BS, too. The shortcut was good, the use of roulette pins was nice, and the puzzle was fun and unique.

4-3: Although I don't think this level was changed much, I still didn't skip it. Only two bad parts in this level: The plasma cannon shopkeeper is annoying and ultimately serves no purpose, and the part with the two crush traps is a little too tight. After that, it's safe to say that I was too harsh on this level.

4-4: Again, I didn't skip this level. Still, it feels like it's a proof of the fact that gameplay is more important than aesthetics. The fact that you have to kill both damsels seems like you trying to justify your level's symmetry.

I hope this helps. Before I go, I just want to say that being able to take criticism is one of the most important skills in anything creative, and even though I don't like this pack, I have a lot of respect for you. You have more guts than a lot of people here.

4 months, 4 weeks ago

Hey Goosh. thanks for the criticism. My main flaw was easily "HMMM, THIS IS TOO SHORT!" NO! BAD ME, BAD. If I were to cut up the filler and leave the levels way shorter, I think it would help. As you put it, there's TOO MUCH SHIT TO GO TROUGH. I should not expect anyone to spend 3 minutes only to die to awful BS. My levels are unfocused and that' the flaw. FLUFF. I was afraid that it'l be too short, but honestly it would have been much better if everything went quicker. Imma modify this shitn your fi and see how it goes. Thanks. You can never do well on your first try, so ill try again.

4 months, 4 weeks ago

No. Just no. This pack has 1 good level and what feel like 10,000 abysmal ones. The only levels exempt from my criticism are Verticality and The Madness, because unlike every other level, they don't have ridiculous B.S. Every level is its own unique shitstorm of skippable garbage, and zero substance behind anything you could even call flash. I'd go in detail behind every level like I normally would, but for this, I cannot. My only suggestion is to design a new pack and let the community go level-by-level, ensuring it isn't terrible. It sucks, because buried beneath 12 layers of awfulness, there's good ideas in these levels, but the execution is in the exact opposite point in the universe of "there". It's because of this that If you do what I suggest, I'll be there even if nobody else is. I'm really sorry that I have to loathe this pack so much.

4 months, 4 weeks ago

I haven't even played this yet and I already KNOW it's going to be good.