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Changes Spelunky 2's pets to the original HD damsels (Monty unchanged).
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1 month, 3 weeks ago
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1 month ago
Spelunky 2


A while ago I made a similar mod to this but it was pretty incomplete. I decided to make a better version of it! This changes Percy the cat with the Male damsel and Poochi the hamster with Demi. The male damsel uses custom sprites made using the hired hand as a base and Demi's been edited so that she doesn't have a jacket and has eyeshadow, making her look more like she did in Spelunky HD. They both have custom animations for kissing and this time I even included voices! (Note: they are voice files, not a soundbank, so you need Playlunky to use those). Other changes include the menu UI, the pet shop (it's now a kissing parlor), the journal entries/sprites and the text, which now refers to them as damsels instead of pets. Some of the stuff hasn't been completely tested so if you notice anything weird or somehing doesn't work, please tell me! Anyways, that's all. Enjoy!

Update: Removed menu_leader and added menu_basic which was supposed to be there originally and updated the string file.


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1 month ago

@azzyfire You are right, I confused it with another file. I'll go and fix it right now.

1 month ago

I think "menu_leader" is misplaced

1 month, 3 weeks ago

@Acht05 ah that's a shame, because i miss how the women in spedunky hd had beady eyes like the men, they were prettier that way to me
i'm sure it could work but you'd have to change her headshape to match the size or maybe her hair
good luck

1 month, 3 weeks ago

@blebsmc99 Thank you! About Demi's eyes, I left them like that cause I didn't want to change her design too much. I did try giving her the "beady" eyes at some point just to test but I couldn't make it look good. I guess I could try again later and if it works add it as an alternate version, but I won't promise anything.

1 month, 3 weeks ago

could you change demi's eyes so they're beady like in the original game i think that'd enhance it even more
really cool mod though i'm glad to see this be done