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A mod that adds several different types of guns to spelunky
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Classic Mod
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Submachinegun (SMG) - Works like pistol, but shoots four times as fast.
Assault Rifle - Fires slighty faster than pistol, but shoots three bullets at a time and is less accurate than a pistol, but more accurate than a shotgun.
Sniper - Fires deadly bullets that can kill most things in one hit, however, it takes an enormous amount of time to reload. (Can also shoot through walls due to its size)
Lasgun - A gun that fires quick, fast, powerful bolts that produce no recoil.
Ideal, isn't it?
RPG - A launcher that fires a rocket-propelled bomb. Go figure? It has an enormus amount of knockback and cooldown to fire, but, hey? It's worth it.
Iron Rain - A launcher that only fires directly up. It has a large amount of recoil down. When the shell hits a solid object (ie, a block) it splits into 10 different shells that rain down upon where it collided with the block.
Peashooter - This gun, well, sucks. Period. It shoots one wimpy bullet that can't stun enemies and has a horrible rate of fire. However, you can find it everywhere!
Tranquilizer Dart Gun - When you shoot this at a PERSON, he/she will be stunned for much longer than normal. However, the dart has a bit of drop on it, so it will be harder to aim than, lets say, a peashooter.
Ballistae Homing Missile Launcher - To put it simply: You shoot the missile, it goes out a few squares, and then from there it instantly rockets toward the nearest enemy. Neat, eh?

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