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10 custom puzzle levels with occasional kaizo elements
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I started making some nice little one screen puzzles to celebrate custom themes, but it got out of hand.

In fact I haven't worked on custom themes for weeks, because I want destruction, death, pain and darkness for everyone.

Many levels have multiple solutions and I deliberately added cheese in them. Cheese isn't always exactly the easier solution though. Enable save game mods in modlunky and remember to exit the level and game properly to save your progress.

If you hate Waddler because of Getting Over It with XanaGear, you can kill him in this one. I mean Waddler, not XanaGear.

  • Requires a Playlunky nightly version released after Valentine's Day.
  • Includes a custom save and keeps track of your progression in that, so enable "Allow Save Game Mods" in Modlunky.
  • I think you also have to die in a level to trigger SavingGear and save your progress, cause the game is dumb and only saves progress on death or win.

Blah blah don't watch if you want to play it unless really stuck, but I'm not your mom.
Standard/Easy solutions and Cheesy/Janky/Secret solutions


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2 years ago

Thank you bro, awesome puzzles

2 years ago

Added solution videos to description.

2 years ago

Does anyone knows how to complete the lvl 7 please ?