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Changes to Dwelling to make it less frustrating - fewer traps and fewer, nerfed enemies.
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Script/level generation mod that makes a number of changes to Dwelling to make enemies and traps less abundant and less frustrating. These are:

- Moles, Horned Lizards, Cavemen, and Quillback move about 25% slower.
- Moles have 1 health (from 3). Horned Lizards have 2 health (from 3).

Enemy/trap placement:
- Snakes and Bats are 10% rarer.
- Spiders are 50% rarer.
- Cavemen, Horned Lizards, and Moles are twice as rare, with heavier weighting towards later levels (for instance, Horned Lizards have a 1/240 spawn chance on 1-1, and a 1/60 spawn chance on 1-4.)
- Arrow traps are three times rarer, with heavier weighting towards later levels.
- Totem traps are twice as rare.

Level generation:
- A number of spike "rooms" in the Dwelling areas and 1-4 have been adjusted to have a chance of either not having a spike spawn or having a platform or additional platform spawn for safety, where it makes sense (areas where the spikes exist to encourage you to use resources like bombs or ropes have been untouched.)

Credits to the following mods: Easier Dwelling by BlueCatx7x for the concept, Nerfed Moles by FrobtheBuilder for the Mole health nerf idea, Better Hired Hands by Charade for understanding AI state code, and Expert Mode by godlight for almost the entirety of the slower enemy code.

Please report any bugs you find to me and feel free to give any feedback. Thank you to Blaze for playtesting!


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1 week, 2 days ago

quillback is too slow, literally cannot make any sort of entrance to any area