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A new campaign for Spelunky 2 that takes place in the depths of Hell!
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This mod is an entirely new campaign for Spelunky 2.
You and your fellow Spelunkers, together as a military group, have been sent into Hell with one goal and one goal only - clear the underworld of monsters and escape to the surface alive. (Riveting story, I know)
Equipped with a standard issue shotgun and the cloak of a vampire, you must traverse dangerous environments, purge Hell of the undead, and discover the secrets of the underworld.

This mod includes:
-completely remade level generation for almost all areas
-New music for some places (there should be a readme file with Youtube links to all the songs included in the zip, as well as other minor credits)
-A new look and name for some areas (e.g. Dwelling becomes the Mantle) to better fit the Hell theme
-Arenas to fit the theme as of v1.2
-Cosmic Ocean support!!!

9/17/2023 - Version 1.1
"Changelog v1.1.txt" is in the zip file!
11/12/2023 - Version 1.2
"Changelog v1.2.txt" is in the zip file!

note: this mod is still very much in its early stages! Without feedback, it would be nearly impossible for it to grow, so if you want to help or have any complaints, comments, or questions, you're more than welcome to inquire.

Mod should work with multiplayer as long as all players have it installed.


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2 months, 1 week ago

During multiplay, there is intermittent crashing while passing through the ice cave. (5:02:03~ , 5:24:36~)

3 months ago

Yeah, world 6 and the lack of low% support were both gripes I've had for a while, I'm working on making the level gen for worlds 6 and 7 more friendly to low% and reduce spawning frequency on 6-3 (you are right, the amount of monsters in the way makes carrying Qilin through 6-3 very difficult)

3 months ago

Here is a Sunken City run that I did. My only major complaint would be that the level gen in Neo Babylon often makes it awkward to bring Qilin through 6-3, especially since the player is being rushed on that level.

I originally tried to do a Chain Low% run, but I realized that there are a few main path rooms in NB and SC that can be impossible to get through without using items/resources. For example, the path_normal rooms in NB with long pools of lava. I understand if you don't care whether the mod is Low% friendly or not, but I just wanted to point this out.

3 months ago

That should be a problem on your end, the mod has no dependencies

3 months ago

not work nothing happen i just put the doomlunky 2 in my load order i dont know if i need another thing or if its just a bug