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The bright and sunny dog makes his way into the caves. He'll encourage you to keep trying no matter how many times your run ends.
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DogDay was feeling a bit adventurous, so he decided to go to the Moon. Little did he know there was a cave on the Moon. DogDay, feeling adventurous, went into the caves. He met up with a bunch of Spelunkers, who welcomed him to the team. However, DogDay doesn't know how dangerous the caves truly are, resulting in the Spelunkers constantly having to save DogDay from danger.

This mod replaces Monty with DogDay.

DogDay is from Smiling Critters.
Smiling Critters is from Poppy Playtime.
Poppy Playtime is owned by Mob Entertainment.

3/8/2024 Mod Update: Changed the "Pet Selection" icon for DogDay, also changed the "All Pets Pet Selection" icon for DogDay. (Before, the icons were the pendant of DogDay, now...the "Pet Selection" icon for DogDay is DogDay himself, and the "All Pets Pet Selection" icon for DogDay is DogDay's head.)
3/10/2024 Mod Update: Fixed the color for DogDay's paws and tongue.

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1 month, 1 week ago

nuh uh!

1 month, 1 week ago

Yooo this mod is mad good and the gut who is hating on this should shut up

1 month, 1 week ago

ah hell nah
i dont want shit im my spelunky 2 game
and even if no one is forcing me i will still complain