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Don't worry. She's not like the other cave bats. She's as intelligent as a human and she won't hurt a fly.
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Genuinely, thank you all so much.

One day, a sorceress was trying to summon a bat. The bat got summoned, but it failed to kill the spelunker. The sorceress got petty and "cursed" the bat with anthropomorphism. "Cursed" in brackets because the bat actually liked being like a human and named herself Chira. The downside for Chira is that the other cave bats hate her now due to the fact that she's as intelligent as a spelunker. Chira got bullied by the other cave bats, which was sad for Chira. Luckily, Chira met the other spelunkers, and although things were awkward at first, the other spelunkers understood that Chira is a harmless bat girl who won't hurt them. Chira eventually became friends with every spelunker in the camp.

This mod replaces Margaret.

Includes custom dialogue.

Credits to @Grande for the default rope template:

Skin showcase:

2/13/2024 Skin Update: Fixed hair physics for falling animations. (Jump, Celebrate, Long Fall/Taming) Fixed ear animation for flipping onto a ledge. Improved journal artwork coloring.
2/21/2024 Skin Update: Fixed crawling animation. Before this fix Chira's legs were not moving when she was crawling. (This is a very minor change. I doubt you'll notice this change.)


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1 month, 3 weeks ago

@gelatopaws Might as well explain it to you case you don't have Discord.

So first, you'll have to use Modlunky to extract the assets of Spelunky 2. After you do that, go into the folder of Spelunky 2 (You can do this easily by going into the Steam library, right clicking on Spelunky 2, then go to Manage > Browse Local Files.) and go into the "Mods" folder, then the "Extracted" folder. There, you'll see an .str file called "strings00_hashed.str". Open this file with notepad, and you'll see all the strings that the game uses. This file basically contains the "keys" (Called "hashes".) (Remember this.) to all of the strings for the game. The "keys" (Called "hashes".) are all on the left side of the strings, and they look like a bunch of jumbled up letters and numbers.

If you want to edit any of the make a file named "strings00_mod.str" in your mod's folder that is in "Spelunky 2\Mods\Packs". (You do this by making a .txt file, then you rename your untitled .txt file to "strings00_mod.txt", then... (Assuming you're using Windows.) if you haven't turned off "hide extensions for known file types" in the File Explorer, do that, then rename your file to "strings00_mod.str" by changing the extension at the end from "txt" to "str".) do you edit the strings? Find the string you want to change in the "strings00_hashed.str" file in "Spelunky 2\Mods\Extracted", then copy it's "key" (Which is called a "hash".) on the string's left side, colon and the space after the colon included, then paste that into your "strings00_mod.str" file in your mod's folder that is in "Spelunky 2\Mods\Packs", and put whatever text you want, and that text will replace the string.

For example, if you wanna replace this string: "3 ropes to help you get to those hard-to-reach places." (Rope Pile Journal Entry)
With this one: "3 ropes. Please don't waste them all."
You find that string in the "strings00_hashed.str" file in "Spelunky 2\Mods\Extracted" found it, and it's this: "0x2489406c: 3 ropes to help you get to those hard-to-reach places."
Copy the "0x2489406c: " (It's the "key", called a "hash".) and paste it into your "strings00_mod.str" file in your mod's folder that is in "Spelunky 2\Mods\Packs".
Then you put "3 ropes. Please don't waste them all." on the right side of that "key" and the colon and the space on the right side of the colon. (Called a "hash".) In the end, your "strings00_mod.str" file should have this:
"0x2489406c: 3 ropes. Please don't waste them all."
If you have done everything correctly, when you open up the game with that mod enabled, now the journal entry of the Rope Pile should be something like this:


3 ropes. Please don't waste them all.

And before you ask, yes, you can also use this method to replace character dialogue. After all, the dialogues in this game are also strings.

2 months ago

@gelatopaws It's kinda long to explain it here. If you have a Discord then send me a friend request there so I can explain it to you on Discord. My username is "jtsf". Tell me your username so I can know if you're the right person to friend.

If you don't have Discord then I guess I'll just explain it as best as I can here.

2 months ago

This is awesome. I love Chira’s story! I’m currently making a husky playable character. How did you customize what the other spelunkers say to her and what she says to them?

3 months, 1 week ago

Such a cool idea