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Spelunky Classic but it's 100 levels long
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Do ever think "Spelunky is good, but it would be even better if it were 100 levels long"? Well then, your foolish wish has now been answered with Century Spelunky, which is exactly that. Descend literal in-game miles in a gruelling endurance variant of the classic rougelite adventure. Featuring all these changes:

  • The game is now 100 levels long.
  • Olmec now lives on level 100. That's a long way down!
  • Damsel and Tunnel Man start unlocked
  • Each area has been extended to last 25 levels
  • Treasure gets more valuable every tenth level, to help keep up with inflation
  • To help you get through it, the Tunnel Man may appear to sell in-run shortcuts
  • Shop generation chances have been altered
  • The key and locked chest can appear on any level between level 1 and level 25
  • The Black Market entrance can be generated on any level between level 26 and level 49
  • The Udjat Eye will blink a little at the start of the level containing the hidden Black Market entrance
  • Shops can still spawn after visiting the Black Market
  • Temple shops can now buy Idols
  • The Moai can appear on any level between level 51 and level 75
  • Ice Cave level feelings can appear before the Moai is generated in a run
  • Any Tomb Lord can drop the Scepter when killed if it hasn't already dropped. It gets more likely for them to drop it as you approach level 97
  • Telefragging Tomb Lords no longer prevents the Scepter from dropping
  • The Scepter is now... buoyant in Lava
  • The City of Gold door generates on level 98
  • You can now teleport down using the Teleporter


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