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The cat that calms Spelunkers down went into the caves. He'll make sure that you rest enough before Spelunky-ing again.
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CatNap, knowing that when the Moon comes up means it's bedtime, wonders why exactly the Moon is the symbol for bedtime. Because of this CatNap went onto the Moon to find the answer. He saw a cave, so he went into it to find the answer. He met up with the Spelunkers, who welcomed him to the team. CatNap, however, usually gets stuck trying to search for clues on why the Moon is the symbol for bedtime, so the Spelunkers constantly have to rescue him.

This mod replaces Percy with CatNap.

CatNap is from Smiling Critters.
Smiling Critters is from Poppy Playtime.
Poppy Playtime is owned by Mob Entertainment.

Edit: So...I made an error before on this mod page. I uploaded a screenshot of the mod into the "Downloads" section of the mod page instead of the "Preview Images" section. This should be fixed now. If you tried to download this mod and wonder why you got an image instead of a .zip, try downloading the mod again.

3/10/2024 Mod Update: Fixed the color for CatNap's paws.

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1 month, 1 week ago

ah hell nah
i still dont want shit im my spelunky 2 game
still complain
still complain