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Another Vi from Bug Fables with some custom frames
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Playable Character
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1 month ago
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1 month ago
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Vi from the game Bug Fables (loved the game, worth playing if you like Paper Mario :D), replaces Colin by default.

I wanted to improve the work done by Wafflemew ( and PolyNexus ( but I ended up redoing almost everything. Some animations have been reused from them though (stunned comes to mind).

The crawling animation is heavily inspired by the one of the Vessel Spelunker mod. (

I'm not an artist at all but I wanted to improve a few of the animations by adding new "frames". Turns out this took so much longer than I expected... While I would still change most of the new animations I'm pretty happy with the result and most of the frames are aligned.

Additional thanks to my Spelunky friends for their advice / help!


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4 days, 9 hours ago

Better than the original. Good job!

1 month ago

Thanks! I saw I missed a few pixel artifacts, some wobbly pixels and the color of the wanted poster is wrong (I'm colorblind t.t). I'll fix that once I have time

1 month ago

5th vi mod and i dont have any issues with this one, good job