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My first map. Goes up to 2-2 and is otherwise fairly basic.
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Frozlunky Level
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5 years, 11 months ago
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5 years, 7 months ago
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My first map. Goes up to 2-2 and is otherwise fairly basic.


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1 year, 7 months ago

The first four levels have so much bullshit in them. The first level has a boulder that is nearly impossible to avoid, and if you're somehow able to pass it, you'll find a sign that kills you if you read it.
The second level requires you to kill every shopkeeper, again being nearly impossible. You're given a teeny tiny amount of bombs, and if you're thrown once, it's over.
The third level has an awful start. Running to the right of the thwomp kills you, but moving slowly kills you.
This is the perfect example of my main gripe with this pack: it makes things that should be simple overly complicated and infuriating.
The fourth level is the first level I wouldn't consider entirely bullshit. The first part is actually fun, but passing the last few tiki traps is ridiculous. How do you even pass those spikes?
This is where we enter the good levels. 2-1 is actually super fun!
At least, the part with the arrows.
You first get to the BS part via a platform that falls into lava (Seriously?!?! What's the point of this in the first place?!?!). There are a bunch of UFOs, and you have to chain jumps off of them to get to the exit. This is completely useless; it doesn't fit the theme of the level, it's surprisingly challenging, and you only have a finite number of UFOs. It's like riding the birds in TEiN, except you can only do it so much, AND YOU HAVE A FUCKING TIMER. Did you forget to turn the ghost off?
The last level completely defies everything I just talked about. It's the only level I didn't skip.
If I was Projared, I'd give this pack an investment out of ten. At first, you'll regret participating in it, feeling stupid that you ever chose it. However, just like an investment, it pays off in the end.

1 year, 7 months ago

Most of the levels can be cheesed by just not jumping. I figured that it's on the player if they choose to cheat. I did consider 2-1 to be a weaker level in some parts due to the rushed content. Thanks for the review anyways.

1 year, 7 months ago

Pretty good, except for 2-1 with those jumping arrows. I did notice you can cheese 1-3 by just walking to the right when you spawn, leaving you with a cape and plasma cannon from the previous level. Nice ending though.