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A community-made level pack of 100 arrow whip levels
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A community-made level pack of 100 small arrow whip levels to make you an arrow-whip-expert.

60 more levels are available in the Bonus Arrow Trap Trials!

A wood floor at the entrance means you can do the level without whipping.

How to Play

Enter the main door to start a new run. If there's already a run started, this will reset your progress!
Progress should be saved automatically when you return to camp. Closing the game in a level transition will not save that last level!
To continue a run, enter the Continue Door to the right of the main door.

To play individual levels, select the level number in the main menu and use the shortcut door to the left of the main door. If there's already a run started, this will reset your progress!

  • Speedrun Mode: If on, will instant restart the level automatically when you die
  • Death Markers: If on, will show marker for every death (does not work with speedrun mode)


v1.1 (2023-08-26)

  • Add credits to win screen
  • Proximity Sensor: Move from 1-67 to 1-79
  • Turkey 3, 4, 5: Add wood floor (whipless and bonkless is possible)
  • Snake 1, 2, 3: Redecorate; add restart spike
  • Hot Potato: Replace some leaves with push blocks to make the level faster

v1.0 (2023-08-25)

  • First release

(Development started on 2023-07-06)


Thanks to everyone who made a level! Each level title contains its author; if there is no author in the title, the level was made by me. The levels in the current version were made by:

gugubo  : 54
remy    : 18
medial  : 11
aok     :  8
jawn    :  3
cloiss  :  1
kymiro  :  1
oliver  :  1
bumo    :  1
hectique:  1
hazazel :  1

Thanks to remy for playtesting!
This mod uses Level Sequence by @JayTheBusinessGoose .

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The creators of this mod are not liable for any personal injury directly or indirectly caused by playing this mod.


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