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Challenging kaizo modpack with 8 levels, meant to be played with a guide. -->
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This mod consists of 8 unique levels of varying difficulty, all of which are at least moderately difficulty.

This mod is intended to be played with a guide, some of the level's will be very challenging to figure out without it.

(Very important for some setups)
There are unlit torches on the walls above enemies, this means that you should not get a full jump off of them, instead just get the low bounce.

[Level tips]
level 1: Pay special attention to the unlit torch indicator on the first snake, the robot will not line up where you want if you full jump off of him.

level 2: Be ready to jump off of the second vine as soon as Apep lets down the falling blocks. Hold right when you go through the door to sublayer and prepare to go quickly.

level 3: Get a short hop off of the sand before you jump off of the final skull.

level 4: Hold left and whip before you even spawn in to hit the first lever. For the second snake in the sublayer, if you hold left after jumping from the ledge he will kill you, let go of left a split second. For the final trick of the level when you're coming down from the water try and whip the lever as fast as you can and jump up the sliding wall.

Level 5: Near the end after the lizard bounces off spring trap be prepared to pass him so you can whip him across to clear the ending.

Level 6: When you spawn in your character lines up better with the falling block if you touch the left wall with your body. After going through the first door be prepared to throw the golden key mid air to hit the skull block.

Level 7: When passing through the second forcefield you want to be positioned near the back of the crush trap, but not peaking over the ledge.

Level 8: Be prepared to rope up once you enter the door.

Enjoy the mod!


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2 months, 1 week ago

this was a great map to explore with cheats and (legitametly) beat it