Entry # Name Description
01 Spikes Ah, spikes! The classic trap. They come in many shapes and sizes, all painful.
02 Arrow Trap An ancient trap of unknown origin. It's responsible for the death of many an explorer.
03 Totem Trap Quillback built these to train his followers, although they mostly serve to put them "to sleep".
04 Log Trap The trunk of a massive tree, carved by Quillback and strung up to protect his treasure.
05 Spear Trap These wooden spear traps can be hard to spot amidst the Jungle foliage.
06 Thorny Vine The thorns of these thick vines aren't long enough to impale, but they're sharp enough to deliver a nasty poke.
07 Bear Trap The slightest pressure will cause its powerful steel jaws to snap shut, causing massive damage.
08 Powder Box A wooden box hastily filled with black powder. It will explode at the slightest provocation.
09 Falling Platform A rickety outcropping of rock that won't take very much weight...
10 Spikeball A large ball-and-chain that was designed for crushing rock.
11 Lion Trap It's said that the Empress successfully deflected a barbarian horde using only these golden lions.
12 Giant Clam Over the years, the Empress's treasure has made its way to the ocean and into the mouths of these oversized molluscs.
13 Sliding Wall A door-like mechanism that is activated by a switch.
14 Crush Trap A solid block of stone designed by the pharaohs to flatten would-be tomb robbers.
15 Giant Crush Trap An extra large edition of the crush trap, for discerning pharaohs who want that extra crushing power.
16 Boulder A frosty boulder released to smash treasure hunters that make it to the Ice Caves.
17 Spring Trap In alien society, bouncing up and down is a common form of recreation and exercise.
18 Landmine An explosive device triggered by proximity. Disable it before it's too late!
19 Laser Trap A fixed laser gun triggered by a motion detector.
20 Spark Trap The enormous amount of excess energy generated by Neo Babylon is channeled into dangerous contraptions such as these.
21 Frog Trap The spear is so huge that it's hard to imagine that it was meant to be used against human beings...
22 Sticky Trap A strange growth, whose fleshy protuberance is reminiscent of a uvula.
23 Bone Drop This mass of bones is so large that it's starting to burst out of the ground.
24 Egg Sac Beneath the thin membrane you can see something writhing around vigorously.