Entry # Name Description
01 Dwelling The air here is warm and dry. It smells of campfire smoke and bat guano.
02 Jungle Despite all odds, this dense, tropical forest appears to be teeming with life.
03 Volcana It's as hot as Hell in this lava-filled world! Who knew the Moon could have such a place inside it?
04 Olmec's Lair A shrine dedicated to the mighty Olmec. There is a timeless quality to this place of worship.
05 Tide Pool The ruins of an ancient empire lay here at the edge of a vast, underground ocean.
06 Abzu This palatial sanctuary was built over the deepest part of the sea.
07 Temple of Anubis A massive tomb build by powerful pharaohs. On its walls are carved the stories of the past, present, and future.
08 The City of Gold A legendary place to all treasure hunters! Every brick is made from solid gold.
09 Duat A desert of ash and fire, burning beneath an eternal blood moon. The domain of the god Osiris.
10 Ice Caves Life still thrives within the frozen core of this giant meteorite.
11 Neo Babylon The capital city of the Olmites, a place of high technology, untold wonders, and endless stimulation.
12 Tiamat's Throne Where Queen Tiamat gave birth to the World. Now a seat of power from which she guides her unruly children.
13 Sunken City In the bottom of the Well, the First City sleeps.
14 Eggplant World Once the palace of a mighty tyrant, now overgrown with peaceful eggplants.
15 Hundun's Hideaway At the lowest point of the Well is where the Great Dreamer muddles about, always felt but never known.
16 Cosmic Ocean The roiling waters of creation that flow from Hundun's childish weeping. Here one may find the beginning and the end.