Entry # Name Description
01 Ana Spelunky She's come to the Moon to find her mom and dad. An easygoing young lady with the heart of a hero.
02 Margaret Tunnel A fascination with the ocean led her away from the family business. Her dream is to buy her own pirate ship.
03 Colin Northward An inquisitive artist and engineer who's obsessed with Olmec and the Curse of the Caves.
04 Roffy D. Sloth He has a lot of deep thoughts, but not a lot that he wants to say out loud.
05 Alto Singh He works in physical education and wants to make sure everyone's taking good care of their health and staying positive.
06 Liz Mutton A tough-as-nails adventurer who is hard to warm up to and needs her solitude, but also cares deeply for her friends.
07 Nekka the Eagle A ferocious warrior chief who wants to confront the gods and question them about the problems of the universe.
08 LISE Project A robot designed to explore and enjoy herself. After 1000 years she'll return to her creators with the data she's collected.
09 Coco Von Diamonds The creator of the world-famous Von Diamonds fashion and lifestyle brand. She's on vacation right now.
10 Manfred Tunnel He's decided to finally try his hand at spelunking after many years of building shortcuts.
11 Little Jay A self-proclaimed "Spelunkyhead" trying to become a famous explorer. Gets a little overly excited around his heroes.
12 Tina Flan As a relatively unknown caver she managed to hit King Yama with an eggplant. She tries to downplay her fame!
13 Valerie Crump An avid fan of music and video games. She's trying to find creative inspiration through travel.
14 Au A monk with bright golden skin. By challenging his mind and body he's trying to find peace in a chaotic universe.
15 Demi Von Diamonds The heiress to the Von Diamonds empire. She's lived a pampered life, but is eager to learn more about the world.
16 Pilot A strange little spaceman from a far away planet. He can often be found muttering about his UFO, the Campanella.
17 Princess Airyn A culinary expert, she travels the world looking for the most exquisite tastes to bring home to her kingdom of Heliotropia.
18 Dirk Yamaoka A master ninja always looking to hone his skills. When the Moon called, he answered without hesitation.
19 Guy Spelunky He's spent his life in pursuit of adventure (and treasure). A young man no longer, he's re-evaluating what's most important to him.
20 Classic Guy A version of Guy Spelunky from a parallel universe made of large, flat blocks of colors.
21 Terra Tunnel She met Manfred many years ago, when she rescued him from a cave-in. Together they've built a thriving shortcut-building business!
22 Hired Hand He's been trapped in the caves for a very long time and is eager to be free once again.
23 Eggplant Child Separated from their mother, they miss her dearly. The embodiment of curiosity and creative potential.
24 Shopkeeper A card-carrying member of the Shopkeeper's Association. He HATES shoplifting above all else!
25 Tun A mysterious young woman who keeps a close eye on what's happening in the Caves. Beg's sister.
26 Yang The youngest of Yang's 12 sons, who are all named Yang. He loves turkeys.
27 Madame Tusk The most famous resident of the caves, or at least she'd like to think so!
28 Tusk's Bodyguard Madame Tusk pays them extremely well.
29 Waddler He runs an item storage and transportation business. Customers have complained of getting their items back sticky.
30 Caveman Shopkeeper An enterprising caveman trying to acquire more shiny things to show off to his friends.
31 Ghist Shopkeeper In the darkest corners they peddle their wares, hoping to preserve some small shred of their former life.
32 Van Horsing A veteran from the first adventure. He seeks revenge on Vlad for reasons unknown.
33 Parsley The youngest of three sisters. She's cheery but has a quick temper.
34 Parsnip The middle child of three sisters. She loves parties and cats.
35 Parmesan The eldest of three sisters. She's shy and nurturing.
36 Sparrow Hailing from a prominent ninja family, she defied her parents and turned to thievery to challenge authority.
37 Beg In his insecurity he was drawn to Hundun and embraced Chaos. Tun's brother.
38 Eggplant King He was a mighty king... until a brave explorer humbled him. Some might say he's even more powerful now.