Entry # Name Description
01 Rope Pile 3 ropes to help you get to those hard-to-reach places.
02 Bomb Bag A large sack filled with 3 bombs.
03 Bomb Box A flame-resistant box of 12 bombs. The gift every adventurer wants to receive!
04 Paste Made from spider's web. Lather it on your bombs to make them sticky!
05 Spectacles Improves your vision and also makes you look slightly more intelligent.
06 Climbing Gloves The grips of these gloves have small bristles all over them. Just lean into walls to cling to them!
07 Pitcher's Mitt This classic American baseball glove makes you feel like you can throw like a pro.
08 Spring Shoes A sturdy pair of boots equipped with alien spring technology.
09 Spike Shoes A sturdy pair of boots with sharp spikes fitted to the bottom.
10 Compass This classic explorer's tool will point you right to the exit. How convenient!
11 Alien Compass A special compass designed by aliens to help them return home through the inky darkness of space.
12 Parachute It will save your life when you least expect it!
13 Udjat Eye The udjat eye is a symbol of great power. It represents the gods' watchful gaze.
14 Kapala A skull cup bestowed upon Kali's most loyal devotees. Drinking blood from it can improve one's health and enlightenment.
15 Hedjet A white pharaoh's crown, indicating the wearer's status as an envoy for the gods. It glows brilliantly.
16 Crown This royal headgear exudes an aura of unquestionable authority. It's much heavier than it looks!
17 Eggplant Crown The Eggplant King bequeathed his crown to me. I feel at peace with my place in the universe.
18 The True Crown Also known as the cap and bells. A fitting crown for the followers of Hundun.
19 Ankh This coveted amulet was created by the gods for followers deemed worthy enough to have their life extended.
20 Tablet of Destiny A clay tablet on which many esoteric prophecies are written.
21 Skeleton Key The tool of thieves. It opens any lock without breaking.
22 Royal Jelly A delicacy that's highly sought after for its refined taste and healing properties.
23 Cape This dashing fashion accessory can also be used to reduce one's speed while falling.
24 Vlad's Cape The blood-red cape of Vlad the Impaler. It offers impressive mobility.
25 Jetpack It's expensive, but many explorers swear by it. Just keep an eye on your fuel levels!
26 Telepack Allows you to teleport while freeing up your hands! Requires your feet to be off the ground, however.
27 Hoverpack A refinement of Olmite technology. It allows you to hover indefinitely.
28 Powerpack Developed for military use, the power pack imbues its wearer with improved weapon handling abilities.
29 Webgun It shoots synthetic webs that are so close to the real thing that even spiders can't tell the difference
30 Shotgun A basic 12-gauge shotgun. Favored by shopkeepers for self-defense and hunting down shoplifters.
31 Freeze Ray The say the mechanism behind its frozen blast was inspired by the sneezes of the now-extinct mammoth.
32 Clone Gun A one-of-a-kind prototype! The technology required to build one is beyond any known civilization.
33 Crossbow A ranged weapon favored by hunters. It's capable of firing arrows with incredible accuracy.
34 Camera This fancy camera comes with the most powerful flash on the market right now.
35 Teleporter A handheld teleportation device. It's still in beta after all these years!
36 Mattock A useful digging tool that breaks easily. The Tunnel family prefers shovels.
37 Boomerang A curved wooden weapon that will return to its owner after being thrown
38 Machete Its long, broad blade is great for defense or chopping vegetables for dinner.
39 Excalibur The sword of legend. Wielded by kings and queens in times of great calamity.
40 Broken Sword Although perhaps it no longer contains its full strength, it's still a formidable weapon.
41 Plasma Cannon It was built by aliens, but sadly the recoil proved to be too strong for them to use it easily.
42 Scepter A magical tool used by the god Anubis to cleanse souls on their way to judgement.
43 Hou Yi's Bow With this simple but refined bow, Hou Yi shot down the nine suns that scorched the Earth.
44 Arrow of Light A ray of sun reflecting off the Moon's tears.
45 Wooden Shield A flimsy wooden shield carried by Tikimen for some basic defense against the harsh Jungle environment.
46 Metal Shield A highly durable knight's shield made of tempered steel.
47 Idol This valuable golden idol can be brought to the exit or to shops in exchange for gold.
48 The Tusk Idol A walrus idol carved from an extra-large diamond. One of Madame's most precious treasures.
49 Curse Pot A clay pot filled with a toxic substance rumored to be a mixture of ectoplasm and cursed blood.
50 Ushabti A funerary figurine created to accompany someone on their journey to the underworld.
51 Eggplant It is fragile yet full of vigor, reminding us to treasure every one of life's moments.
52 Cooked Turkey A turkey that has been cooked just right. The meat is tender and flavorful.
53 Elixir A restorative potion said to cure any affliction. Royal jelly is mixed in to reduce the bitterness.
54 Four-Leaf Clover A rare clover. It's prized by leprechauns for protection and good fortune.