Entry # Name Description
01 Snake Be careful! It's liable to throw a hissy fit!
02 Spider Much larger than the household variety. Don't let it get the drop on you!
03 Bat A common cave resident that nonetheless thinks very highly of itself due to its cute appearance.
04 Caveman One of our primitive ancestors. His simple life is somewhat enviable.
05 Skeleton We all have one inside us... and yet they're still so spooky!
06 Horned Lizard It still hasn't figured out how to stop rolling once it starts.
07 Cave Mole Who's got teeth like spades and needs no shades? CAVE MOLE! CAVE MOLE!
08 Quillback The leader of the cavemen. A big bully who wears the pelt of the last cave porcupine.
09 Mantrap Once it tasted human flesh, it never looked back!
10 Tiki man A masked Jungle-dweller who hunts with a large boomerang.
11 Witch Doctor A Tiki Tribe elder who practices black magic. They use an effigy to attack intruders.
12 Mosquito An annoying pest! Makes me mad just thinking about it.
13 Monkey A mischievous forest trickster. It simply can't get enough of its own unfunny pranks!
14 Hang Spider It could chase you if it had to but it'd rather not leave its web if possible.
15 Giant Spider A frightening arachnid the size of a car. She squirts sticky webs to ensnare her prey.
16 Magmar When an adventurer dies in lava, their spirit can become trapped inside the lava instead of going free.
17 Robot They patrol Volcana aimlessly, awaiting instructions from long-dead masters
18 Fire Bug A deadly insect that protects itself by igniting gas stored inside its body.
19 Imp When Yama disappeared, these lowly servants emerged from Hell seeking employment
20 Lavamander The blood of this lizard-like monster runs so cold that only the immense heat of lava can keep it going.
21 Vampire A tortured soul who traded their humanity for eternal life.
22 Vlad The dark lord of all vampires. He relocated to a large castle deep inside Volcana.
23 Olmec Once thought to be the cause of a curse that trapped explorers in a cave... but maybe he was just a small part of it?
24 Jiangshi A reanimated corpse. Its stiff legs force it to hop around.
25 Jiangshi Assassin This wily jiang-shi was once an imperial assassin.
26 Flying Fish A strange, thrill-seeking fish that will go out of its way to eat "landfood".
27 Octopy It defends itself with a blinding ink attack and a crown of razor sharp barnacles.
28 Hermit Crab An irritable loner who hates being disturbed. Its saliva is very poisonous!
29 Pangxie One of Kingu's famous armored guards. His claws can crush wood and stone with ease.
30 Great Humphead Endlessly he patrols the salty waters of the Great Lake, waiting for the Empress to return and feed him.
31 Kingu Tiamat's loyal companion and unwavering protector. Her mighty shell once withstood the impact of a comet.
32 Crocman Their powerful bite and teleportation magic makes them a dangerous foe.
33 Cobra A hooded serpent with a rather rude habit.
34 Mummy This frightening tomb lord emerges from its eternal slumber to protect the Temple from trespassers.
35 Sorceress An expert magic user who wields the power of creation
36 Cat Mummy The mummified felines are filled with terrible curses.
37 Necromancer A master of the dark arts who dedicated his life to studying the Book of the Dead.
38 Anubis This legendary jackal-headed god is tasked with guarding the Temple's most hallowed treasures.
39 Ammit A terrifying underworld demon who eats the hearts of unclean souls, casuing them to die a second death.
40 Apep A great snake god who slithers tirelessly throughout Duat, with scales of flint and a stomach full of hot ash.
41 Anubis II Having been defeated at the Temple, Anubis returns to the underworld to beg forgiveness of his father, Osiris.
42 Osiris The ruler of Duat and the ultimate judge of souls who make their way to him.
43 UFO In alien society, being a flying saucer pilot is considered a lowly occupation.
44 Alien Tiamat's firstborn. They harbor a deep jealousy of the Olmites, whom they think she favors.
45 Yeti It loves to toss things and chew gum. But it doesn't know what gum is!
46 Yeti King The king of the yetis is whichever one is biggest.
47 Yeti Queen The queen of the yetis is whichever one can default the king in battle.
48 Lahamu The eldest daughter of Tiamat. A jealous and vindictive warlord with powerful psychic abilities
49 Proto Shopkeeper During the First Wars, Lahamu stole the Original Man to create clones of him with varying degrees of success.
50 Olmite Tiamat's secondborn. An inquisitive race that excels at creation.
51 Lamassu A mighty demigod created by the Olmites to help them guard Neo Babylon.
52 Tiamat The Queen of the World. Though myth and legend hava separated her from her decendents, some still hear her call...
53 Tadpole A baby frog. It's content to splash in the murky waters.
54 Frog Over the aeons, these bloated amphibians have overrun the Sunken City.
55 Fire Frog Some of the Sunken City frogs have developed an explosive personality.
56 Goliath Frog A frog of legend. It carries its entire family within its mighty belly.
57 Grub A lowly creature just trying to make it to the next part of its lifecycle.
58 Giant Fly A fly of titanic proportions. It looks threatening but seems rather uninterested in us...
59 Hundun The muddled dreamer Hundun. The cosmic egg Hundun. The majestic child Hundun. The unstoppable Hundun.
60 Eggplant Minister The most loyal servants of the King of Hell, who continued to follow though commands no longer left his lips.
61 Eggplup Once a fierce hound of hell, now a playful puppy.
62 Celestial Jelly These mighty titan's roam the vast waters of the Cosmic Ocean, leaving behind them great ripples that alter time and space.
63 Scorpion Sometimes you break open a pot and a nightmare comes out. This is that nightmare.
64 Bee An important part of the cave ecosystem. However, it's much larger and more aggressive than the common honeybee.
65 Queen Bee The matriarch of the hive. On her abdomen one might find a blob of delicious royal jelly.
66 Scarab A jeweled flying beetle revered by the followers of Anubis and sought after by leprechauns and treasure hunters.
67 Golden Monkey He struck out on adventure but a sorceress used magic to transform him into an idol.
68 Leprechaun This greedy sprite seeks out heavy pockets to pilfer for his treasure stash.
69 Monty A helpless pug adopted by Tina Flan after her first big adventure. Ana's somewhat faithful companion.
70 Percy A helpless cat who snuck aboard Margaret Tunnel's spaceship looking for a warm place to sleep.
71 Poochi A helpless hamster who Colin Northward brought to the Moon in the name of science. Unfortunately, she escaped.
72 Ghist If in life the spirit is small and spiteful, in death its presence is weak and hard to know.
73 Ghost This angry and relentless spirit chases down explorers for reasons unknown.
74 Cave Turkey A large, meaty bird, best known for its fleshy wattle, also known as a snood.
75 Rock Dog The skin of this fire-breathing canine is protected by a rock-hard plates, hence the name.
76 Axolotl The empress encountered these curious creatures during her travels and brought some back as pets. They quickly escaped!
77 Qilin A creature of myth, whose arrival is said to coincide with important events in the history of humans and gods.
78 Mech Rider A MOYA-class mechanized armor designed by aliens to combat the Olmites during the Second Wars.