Sappy Stuff

Thank you for considering support for When I first created this site I couldn't possibly have imagined how successful it would be. I recall during the days of Spelunky HD it was difficult to find mods as they were just posted all over random drives, reddit posts, forums, etc. and wanted to have a single repository of mods to make it easy for people to share and discover all of the wonder creations from the community.

I never want to include ads or other invasive tracking methods as a means to supporting this site, and don't intend to. While I'm happy to provide this resource to the community many have expressed interest in helping to support the hosting costs associated with running this site. At the time of posting this those costs are around $40-$50 per month.


Feel free to provide whatever you think is fair. If you'd like recognition on the site please provide your username with your donation message. <3